OrgChart Basic Certification

Create a chart manually

  • Adding and Deleting Boxes
  • Adding data to your boxes
  • Changing Branch Styles
  • Moving boxes
  • Zoom and move your chart
  • Working with the File Manager

Manually Formatting a Chart

  • Opening existing charts
  • Formatting boxes

Using Box Layout Editor

  • Changing the look of the box
  • Adding fields
  • Changing Text Formats
  • Move the field position
  • Adding columns & photo’s
  • Setting the box width
  • Apply the changes

Adding additional Fields

  • Add a new Formula Field
  • Insert the new Field

Creating your own Box Styles and Chart Templates

  • Adding a Box Style
  • Adding a User Template
  • Adding a User Template with conditions
  • Applying a new template to your chart
  • Insert a Legend

Working with Master Page

  • Creating a Master Page
  • Saving a Master Page to use later
  • Applying a Master Page during Import
  • Applying a Master Page after Import

Working with Subchart Breaks

  • Creating Breaks
  • Removing Breaks
  • Using the Subchart Break Wizard
  • Navigating your Subcharts
  • Renaming the subcharts

Publish your Chart

  • Setup the Page Size
  • Publish the Chart

Create a Chart with Import Wizard

  • Importing data from an Excel spreadsheet